Work package n°3

Development of VET programs for the rapid and targeted preparation of older people for a craft or job

THE AIM of WP3 is to is to develop fast and targeted VET programs for older people.

Such programs are necessary for the rapid training or retraining of older people. Execution of the programs would be a follow-up after the professional aptitude of the older person has been assessed and the professional area most likely to succeed has been identified. This project intends to prepare at least 8 different programs, each focused on a different sector of the country’s economy. It is tentatively clear that these sectors would be: construction, manufacturing / mechanization, energy, transport, car repair, beauty / health services, social services, information technology. In this way, it will be covered almost the full range of the most promising programs, and we could offer older people a VET that guarantees quick employment or promising individual business, depending on their inclinations.

Group of seniors looking at digital tablet in the classroom.


The general result of WP2 is – 8 fast and targeted VET programs adapted for the elderly have been developed.