Work package n°2:

Development of a digital test to determine the professional aptitudes of the elderly

THE AIM of WP2 is to develop a digital test to determine the professional aptitudes of the elderly.

This test is necessary in order for us to have the most objective and accurate means of identifying the professional aptitudes of older people. Knowledge of a person’s psychology will be required to develop this tool, as the determination of professional aptitudes will not be based on tests of practical tasks or knowledge, but on the identification, assessment and generalization of in-depth personal characteristics. We believe that in old age, it is crucial not to determine what a person is best at doing, but what they like best. We are guided by the assumption that only the best thing for an older person makes sense to „plant in VET soil and water it.” Well, that „magical water” will be a rapid VET program (see description of WP3) that will allow „grain not only to germinate but also to grow” in the most efficient way possible, bringing together all the good qualities and opportunities of the person. In this way, not only the tools will be created, but also a mechanism that will allow older people to be motivated, counseled, guided, coached and helped to plan their future careers.


The general result of WP2 is – a digital profesional aptitude test for the elderly has been developed.