Test for determining aptitudes and interests

The methodology of this Quiz is intended for selecting different types of professions. It can be used for career guidance for young people and adults. The respondent must choose only one type of activity from each of the 20 pairs of proposed activities and put the check (v) sign in the corresponding cell on the answer sheet. The viewing time is not limited. However, the questions should not be thought about for a long time and the test usually takes 20-30 minutes.



Please read the descriptions carefully and first choose for yourself the type of activity you prefer to do.

Then you have to rate each of the two descriptions:

+++ if you really like the type of activity

++ if you definitely like it

+  if you like it more than you don’t like it

– if you don’t like it

–  –  if you definitely don’t like it

–  –  – if you don’t like it at all.

The ratings of the descriptions in a pair do not have to match, since you previously preferred one of them. Moreover, both evaluations can be both negative and positive.